Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello Mister Handsome ~ Graeme Jeffrey

Welcome to the world Mr. Graeme Jeffrey Martin!

Graeme was born December 9th at 7:36 pm and a whole 8lbs, 19.2 inches long. He is absolutely perfect, if I do say so myself! The first two pictures were taken 10 days after being born.
Of course you need to see the naked picture too! He is so darn cute!

This following picture was taken three days after he was born, while we were still at the hospital.

To tell you a little about the labor and delivery, it was long. Contractions started about 230pm on Thursday. We went to the hospital around 9pm after talking to the L&D nurse. I was estimating my contractions to be about 4-5 minutes apart, but not really progressing. We called my parents around 10 pm to let them know I was being admitted, just to give them a heads up. The nurse hooked me up to find out the contractions were actually closer than I was able to tell, closer to 3-4 and were stronger than I was I really thinking they were. Unfortunately they maintained there throughout the night. My OB doctor came in around 830 in the morning, saying I was at 5 cm dilated and decided it was time to break my waters bag. I had an epidural put in around 930am at which point I was at 6 cm. After that, things felt great! Unfortunately I didn't progress any further than 6 cm for four hours, at which point they started Pitocin, which they had to continually increased it until I was at 10cm. And that wasn't until 630 pm. We pushed for an hour, and at 7:36 pm, Graeme decided to make an appearance, coming out with his right hand on his head pushing his way through.

It was such an odd feeling of euphoria, excitement, exhaustion, you name it and I was feeling it. Despite the different feelings, the nurse and MD both asked us what we were going to name him. I didn't even realize it at the time when they asked, it just seemed like things were going so fast, we had forgotten to give them a name! I asked Joe what name he liked the most, and at first he thought Gavin. After looking at Graeme, I knew he was Graeme, which Joe agreed.

After chosing a name, Cathy the nurse asked where the camera was. We had totally forgotten to take out the camera! We were so caught up in the moment, the last thing we were worried about or thinking about was a camera. Joe reached down to the bag and was able to take a few pictures of Graeme on my chest and the foot prints.

While all of this was going on, the doctor and the resident were still working on me. Becuase of the way Graeme decided to come out, I ended up tearing fairly badly. But what was worse was that I had Pitocin for so long, my uterus wasn't relaxing like it should have causing problems. They continued to work on me for another hour and a half, at which point I was told had things not stopped bleeding, she was going to take me to surgery to fix it there. Thank goodness we didn't have to go that route! It wasn't until a little after 9pm that Joe was able to take Graeme out of the room to FINALLY show the grandparents.

Despite the problems with bleeding, everything else was great! Graeme was healthy and perfect! We ended up staying an extra day due to the infection and the problems I had during delivery. We went home Monday afternoon which was VERY emotional for me. I'm sure most of it had to do with hormones, but it was just scary and exciting as we were about to start our newest adventure with a perfect little man!!

The pictures taken by LeAnn turned out beautifully! If you want to see the others, please check out in the December 2011 tab. LeAnn did a wonderful job!

Welcome Graeme Jeffrey Martin!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Times Are A Changing!

Well, this year has definitely been one of many changes and opportunities. One big one for us was when we found out we were pregnant! Joe and I are expecting our first child on December 11 this year! We are both really excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, and every other possible emotion one could have! Right now, we are in week 31 with only 9 more weeks to go! Time is definitely flying by, I must say!

Here is our 20 week ultrasound! Baby Martin in the making!!

The first trimester I was utterly exhausted. I would come home from work at 4:30 or so, take a two to three hour nap, eat dinner, and go back to bed and sleep for another 8 hours or so. I also had a bit of "afternoon sickness" but other than that things were pretty good. The exhaustion with work was really the hardest thing to overcome. Second trimester was great! It was over before we knew it. Now, as we are in the third trimester, things are becoming more real and coming to end. We went to our birthing class a couple weekends ago which was fairly informational, yet I feel there is SO much more that I need to know! That's what books and friends are for as I am finding out!!

We did not find out the sex of Baby Martin and it has been interesting! I can definitely see the benefits of finding out the sex, but I'm glad we didn't. Joe's parents continually call Baby Martin HIM where my parents call Baby HER. Joe and I, well, depends on the day, but tend to call Baby more IT unfortunately. Until my dad came up with a good nickname: BOOMER! So now, Baby Martin has been referred to as Boomer, Boom Boom, or Boom. I have a sneaking suspicion that this nickname is going to stick around once he/she finally decides to shower their head!

Since we didn't find out the sex, we've been trying to figure out names for both a boy or girl. Needless to say, this has been a challenge. The names Joe likes, I don't, and those I like he doesn't. Some days I think we are making headway, and more on the same page, then something happens and the progress we made is gone! So any suggestions are appreciated!! We have a couple of front runners for girls names, but the boy names we only seem to agree on one name and I'd like to have a couple of options, just in case.

This coming weekend will be our first of two baby showers. This one is up here in Superior with most of Joe's family and our friends. Our other one will be later in November, when Emily will be home, and with the rest of my family. We got a lot of hand-me-downs from a couple of good friends and are VERY appreciative of their generosity! Its so hard to know what you really need, so I am very glad we have friends around to help me stay sane and relaxed!

Anyways, this year has been a blessing and is almost over with when you start thinking of things! Before we know it, Boomer will be here, as will Christmas and a new year. It really is amazing what happens to time while your busy making plans. Anyways, I just hope Boomer decides he/she doesn't want to be late, if you know what I mean!! Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A recap of the past year!!

Well, it's been a while since I've last posted, but it really has been quite the past, what like 10 months! (No, no child yet, though!) Back in October I ventured out to Oregon, both Joe and I did, and did a site visit of a place I was looking at for a job. I was terribly unhappy with what was going on at St. Marys and feeling I was being pushed out my by manager. So I kept my options open and I started looking for opportunities. Our venture out there was a blast!! I got to interview at 2 great hospitals. One in Coos Bay, OR and the other in Eugene, OR. If we had chosen that was where we wanted to move, I would have chosen Eugene. That hospital was absolutely amazing!! Did I mention it was beautiful?! If anyone has been watching the new show One Born Every Minute, that hospital is fairly identical to the one I was looking at. VERY NICE! Anyways, after visiting, and getting an interview at home here, we decided we wanted to stay and I took a job over at St. Lukes as an inpatient PT at the hospital. It was the BEST decision I have made yet however very tough. I knew I was unhappy at SMDC but making such a big change after 5 years there was tough. I do know now, that I am more happy being at SLH and know it was the right move. SLH is so different from SMDC its amazing! I never really knew that until now. Calm, relaxed, and it's serious about patient first. Not pushing so much about money and administrative driven. its all about the patient and I love that! I'm not constantly looking over my shoulder wondering what I did this time or what I didn't do. I am honest when I say I'm so glad I made the switch. Nothing much happened around Christmas. A typical xmas in for our family I must say! Same w/ New Years. Nothing big. Dad stayed w/ use for a couple of weeks in February and March. He's doing great!!
In February I played in the Womens Bonspeil in Superior. It was so much fun!! Below is our team, minus our Skip (my mother in law) Donna. Anyways below in the red is Tina, myself, and Meg. We placed second in the B event, so we actually played really well!! Even beat the Canadian team in the morning!!!! Thats a huge accomplishment. Fun fun and more fun. Didn't think I was going to enjoy this sport, but its been a blast! Everyone should get it a try, I must say, I got a new broom (PINK!!) and new curling shoes (also PINK) all of which has helped alittle this year too. We ended up 3 overall at the end of the season this year, so that was exciting as well!
Also in February, my parents where asked by Kyle if he could marry their daughter, of course they said yes. So that means, Emily is ENGAGED!! They aren't too sure when or where the wedding will be yet, but its looking like sometime next year it sounds! Another trip in our near future that means!!

And in March, Joe and I look our trip to Jamaica agian!! We left on March 3rd and flew to Montego Bay where we stayed at the Iberostar Hotels. It was beautiful! We didn't do too much other than relax on the beach, but sometimes that is all you have to do!! Sitting under a cabana and reading was so relaxing! A couple of swims in the ocean, alot of drinking at the swim-up bar. (Ok, I only did that really once because I paid for that later. Don't drink in the sun and forget sunscreen....ouch and ooooh) We did do one big trip though. We took a catamoran ride and snorkeling adventure! It was a three hour long trip and it was amazing!! I am including most of the pictures in another other post just because they take so long to upload sometimes. Anyways, I got to hold a Sea Euchin and a Sea Cucumber!! It was such a werid feeling, but fun!!

We did dinner one night w/ Joes vendor that we got to visit down there and that was breath taking, if I dont' mind saying so myself! We ate out on the porch of a beautiful hotel called the Palmyra. Ron LIVES there most of the year and we were informed anytime we want to come back to visit we have a condo he'll let us HAVE for the time we are there! Anyone want to join! LOL It was amazing there! he even said if we wanted we could have Emilys wedding there. I"m still working on getting her to have it down there, but it looks like Denver is winning so far. Joe got to go out again with this group of men to a Jamaican Jerk place, seriously the best Jerk you will probably ever eat!

Before we knew it, we had to leave and we were back in the states. If anyone wants to know, Atlanta is the worse place to be your first point of entry in the country. I'm not say, but I'm saying. Customs was horrible and stupid! But I'm not going to go any further with that. We ended up not getting to Minneapolis until late, 11:45 thursday night. Needless to say we headed to bed. That following Friday we did some shopping up in Albertville and then dinner with Jessica that night! Its always good to see old friends!!

Other than that, we are just working like crazy, oh and running too! We are planning on doing a half marathon relay this April down in St. Cloud. A 10K is just the perfect distance if you ask me! Then I am also planning on running the Whistlestop again this fall. Not sure if it will be the half, but who knows, I may get ambitious and think about the full! We'll see! Oh, we'll also be down in the Cities much more this summer as we got season tickets to the Twins!! YEAH!! I will be honest, I'm not so much a baseball fan, but I think I can grow to like it a little more. :-) Thanks for reading and I hope to have more to write sooner than later!!

Oregon Coast Pictures

Our venture out in Eugen, around Oregon University. Everyone was so happy to see Joe wearing a Wisconsin hat, as WI had last that weekend putting Oregon up on the rankings! Either that or w were going to get beat for him wearing that darn thing!

We had a little bit of fun out on the ocean beach.

Smiling pretty out on the coast. It was a bit chilly but beautiful.
We took a trip to Florence, OR where the Sea Lion Caves. It was such a cool natrual habitat of where sea lions live. This is a view from down under where they live. There were no sea lions in the cave, but out around the corner and down the road, there were literally 3 or 4 THOUSAND of them laying out on the ground. it was a sight to see!! Out in the distance is the most photographed light house in the world!
Here is a vie from the opposite side of the sea lion sights.
Here is a better picture of the most photographed Lighthouse in the world! It is so pretty!
Seashells on the the seashore!

Jamaica Pictures 2011

Here we are sitting on the plane, the last seats of course, just before take off! All smiles of course, it's amazing what Ativan can do for an individual w/ anxiety of flying!

One of the meals we got to eat was Japanese. ANd I can actually say I loved it!! Even the smoked Salamon was delicious! All presented beautifully as well.

We did a day trip on the "Hip Strip" in Montego Bay. It was alot of fun! If you like to be hustled that is. Anyways we got to stop and drink and eat at this wonderful bar/tavern called "The Twisted Kilt" It is owned by a resident of New York City that decided there should be this great bar on Jamaica. I won't complain, it was so fun!

Our catamoran trip, all I can say is FUN!

All smiles in the water! Our digital water camera was so much fun and versitile! I even got a pic of the sea euchin, but I seem to have misplaced it on here somewhere....I'll keep looking! See our boat in the background here? The spot where we were snorkeling was also right below where airplanes start to land on the beach here in Montego Bay. It was so neat to be close to an actual landing plane! Right above our heads!

Here is one of the sunsets from the hotel.

One of our adventures out on the canoes/kayaks they had for guests to use. We also got to use the smaller catamorans ourselves, which was a riot to watch joe try to navigate at times.

No words to say here. Beautiful.